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St Andrew's Church, Newcastle upon Tyne

St. Andrew's church is first mentioned in the Chartulary of Tynemouth monastry, in the year 1218. An amateur video is available at the foot of this page.

The justices itinerant held their courts in this church in 1280.

In 1387, John bishop of Durham granted an indulgence of forty days to those who would contribute any thing to the reparation of St. Andrew's church, and to the chapel of the Holy Trinity in the same: and in 1392. 

Oswald bishop of Galloway granted an indulgence of forty days to such persons as should say their prayers devoutly at this church. This indulgence is dated at York, for it appears that the bishop of Galloway was suffragan to the archbishop of York.

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This church received so much damage during the siege of Newcastle in 1644, that no service was performed therein for a year afterwards. As related before, "a breach was made in the wall near to the church capable of admitting ten men abreast."

In 1652, this church was repaired by an assessment upon the houses and lands in the parish: but the parishioners, in 1678, petitioned the common council to assist them in the necessary reparations.

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The floor of this church was first covered with flags in 1707: and in the following year, the corporation of Newcastle gave £10 towards the repairs then made, a cess of 6d. per pound on all the lands and tenements in the parish having been insufficient to discharge the expense incurred.

In 1711. there was a neat gallery erected at the west end of the church. The old porch, in 1726, was taken down, and the present one built. The church, in 1763, underwent a general repair.

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